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Who we are...

The Geneva Theatre Boosters organization was formed in the Fall of 2011 by a group of dedicated parents. Their goal was to find ways to support students involved in theatrical productions at Geneva High School, located in Geneva, Illinois. This included students on the stage and working behind it.

Thanks to their efforts and those of countless other individuals, the organization became a registered 501c3 charity in June of 2013.

Our mission is to....

Promote and support theatrical events at Geneva High School


help foster a supportive culture behind our talented youth.


How we help...

Geneva High School stages four theatrical productions during each school year. These include a Fall play, a Spring musical, Student Directed One Acts and Viking Review. The first two productions are typically the largest, often having a dozen or more cast members.

The musical staged in the Spring of 2013 had 51 people in the cast, 15 people working Tech Crew, a Stage Manager, Tech Director and 23 musicians and one conductor who shall remain anonymous except his initials are P. Frederick. This picture would not be complete without mentioning the Choreographer Tracy Adams and Director Roxanne Curtis. If you're keeping count and my math is correct, that's 92 people! All of them are focused on putting on the the best production they can!

The Geneva Theatre Boosters support these productions in a number of ways. We:

    Sell advertising (and old seats) to raise funds.
Organize content for and fund the Playbills.
Create banners to help advertize.
Distribute posters to area merchants announcing each production.
Sell tickets during school lunch and before each show.
Create T-Shirts and buttons for the Tech Crew.
        Decorate the area around the auditorium entrance.
Sell "Shout Outs" for each of the productions.
Help purchase props and needed equipment.
Provide ushers.
Provide Cast Appreciation gifts prior to each opening night.
Purchase and sell snacks and drinks during each production.


How you can help...

The Geneva Theatre Boosters are proud of the fact that we've been able to increase our support for theatrical productions each year. Our efforts are greatly appreciated by the cast and crew. But in order to continue this tradition, we need your help.

There are so many things that we would like to do, to further support stage work at Geneva High School. We have an amazing group of very talented students. Some often discover their love of the stage, during their high school years. Whether their taking part in a comedic skit or adding their voice to a chorus of characters, the stage becomes their world. And we get to go along for the ride.

If you would like to join the Geneva Theatre Boosters, we would love to have you. Or if you can help with just one activity for one production, it can go a long way to helping us fulfill our mission.

If you would like more information about our organization or have questions, please Email us.


<+> May, 2020 <+>

Spring Musical "Legally Blonde - The Musical" cancelled due to quarantine guidelines.

The Sixth Annual Theatre Booster $1000 scholarship was awarded to Annika Chrusciel.

In lieu of an End-of-Year celebration, a get together was held in the North parking area of Wheeler Park.

<+> September, 2019 <+>

Created a playbill for the very first Freshman play.

<+> May, 2019 <+>

The Fifth Annual Theatre Booster $1000 scholarship was awarded to Megan Styrna.
Congratulations Megan!!! Break a leg!!!

<+> March, 2019 <+>

Provided funds to rent theatrical light control board for spring musical.

Purchased six black light fixtures for use during spring musical. They made the rose painted into the stage floor glow.

Facilitated setup, advertising and coordination for the first time on-line ticket sales.

<+> August, 2018 <+>

Boosters begin the school year with the following board members.
Annie Styrna, Co-President - Debra Nowak, Co-President
Christina Vrba, Co-Vice President - Angela Kobylecky, Co-Vice President
Laura Webb, Treasurer - Cathy Plonka Atkinson, Secretary

<+> May, 2018 <+>

The Fourth Annual Theatre Booster $1000 scholarship was awarded to Jediah Nims.

As a way of acknowledging one of their volunteers, the Theatre Boosters voted to rename the "Theatre Booster Scholarship" as the "Phillip G. Walker Theatre Booster Scholarship". The volunteer, in attendance during the meeting, was surprised and humbled by the recognition. He wishes to thank everyone for this honor.

<+> March, 2018 <+>

Expanded Front of House to provide more space for people, ticket sales, snacks, Fan-O-Grams and just to hang out before the show or during intermission.

Provided funds to cover rental of light control board and needed components for Spring Musical.

Added Instagram account. Check us out at www.instagram.com/ghstheatreboosters

Click on the image of our new front of house. (Caution: Size is 50 Megabytes)
To save the image, press the right mouse button and select "Save link as ...".

<+> October, 2017 <+>

Organizing four fund raisers with California Pizza Kitchen.

<+> September, 2017 <+>

Provided funds to purchase six hanging microphones, four stage microphones and cables.

<+> August, 2017 <+>

Boosters begin the school year with the following board members.
Lisa Dinning, President - Annie Styrna, Vice President
Christina Vrba, Secretary - Kate Smith, Treasurer

<+> May, 2017 <+>

The Third Annual Theatre Booster $1000 scholarship was awarded to Christopher Kubiak.

New Board Members:
Lisa Dinning - President
Annie Styrna - Vice President
Christina Presutti Vrba - Secretary
Kate Smith - Treasurer

<+> April, 2017 <+>

Provided funds to help pay for large storage cabinet for back stage.

<+> May, 2016 <+>

The Second Annual Theatre Booster $1000 scholarship was awarded to Aly Fogel.

<+> April, 2016 <+>

Voting and planning for the 3nd Annual Theatrical Awards Ceremony is underway.

<+> March, 2016 <+>

Boosters organize Fund Raiser at California Pizza Kitchen.

<+> February, 2016 <+>

Boosters donate $1,200 to purchase tools for the stage.

<+> July, 2015 <+>

Theatre Booster yard signs become available for purchase.

<+> April, 2015 <+>

Voting and planning for the 2nd Annual Theatrical Awards Ceremony is underway.

<+> March, 2015 <+>

The first $1000 scholarship was awarded!

Boosters donate $400 for special light for Peter Pan the Musical.

<+> February, 2015 <+>

Started selling flash media with photos and digital versions of the Playbill and Cover Art.

<+> April, 2014 <+>

Held first annual awards banquet.

<+> November, 2013 <+>

Organization logo graciously provided by Elizabeth Koskiewicz.

<+> Fall, 2013 <+>

Donated funds to help purchase tools for the GHS theatre.

<+> June, 2013 <+>

Now a Registered 501c3 Charity.

<+> August, 2011 <+>

Theatre Boosters Formed

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