Supportive Partners of Theatre


The Geneva Theatre Boosters wish to thank the following people for their generosity.

Your contributions allow us to support theatrical programs within the Geneva school district.
These programs allow many talented students to discovered their love of theater.

For that, we say "THANK YOU!"

Dianne Achers
Eric and Penny Anderson
Eric and Kari Bartel
Sheila Belon
John and Donna Borse
Tom and Mary Pat Brown
Lisa Bryant
Tom and Lindsey Burgess
Becky Cain
Kevin and Darcia Carberry
Douglas and Jackie Chang
Greg and Dawn Clemens
Cash and Rebecca Colbert
Maribel Colon-Velez
Denise Croft
Thomas and Debra Dickinson
Missy and Dom Donatelli
Cynthia and John Downey
Doug and Cara Drexler
Suzan and Doug Farley
Camron Flores and Theresa Ralidak
David and Gwendolyn Gelfuso
Larry and Beth Gies
Dana Bauer Hanson and Jim Hanson
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Hazel
Patrick and Terri Helfers
Bob and Lynn Higgins
Ben Hudetz
Gary and Jaimie Humbert
Adil and Kathy Jaffer
Wayne and Carol Johnson
Jami and Bill Johnson
Ondina Kane
Todd and Lisa Karas
Keenan Family
Elizabeth King
Cort and Maria Kormos
Doreen and Mark Kubiak
John and Dorothy Lash
Joe and Denise Leise
Michael and Shannon McCall
McDonnell Family
Mark and Kim Neville
Beth and Larry Nigh
Don and Kris Nims
Brad and Cindy Novak
Gerard and Barbara Novy
Kelly and Alex Nowak
Rebecca Pearce
Pat and Tom Popper
Jeff and Kathy Ralston
Rob and Laurie Reattoir
Tom and Mary Rogers
Jennifer Roy
The Rich Family
The Ritter Family
Rich and Laura Rush
Trisha and Hemant Sachdev
John and Tracey Schweiner
Matt and Susan Shaw
Pat Sieber
Sommers Family
Mike and Cindy Spencer
Tracy Temple
Ron and Lisa Volk
Stephen Wiseman

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